Download And Install Kodi For iOS 9 /9.3/9.1/9.2/10 | Check Out Best Kodi Addons 2016

The Kodi  iOS 9 is a full port of Kodi/XBMC is an award winning free and open source media center for playing videos, music, pictures, games and more.  Not just on the PC but also to all devices like android, iOS and Windows.

How to install Kodi iOS 9 On iPhone/iPad Devices: Download Kodi iOS 10 /9.3/9.1/9.2:

Here’s the complete step by step tutorial on how you can install Kodi for iOS 9. You can install Kodi on iOS 9 Jailbroken devices or Non-Jailbroken devices. You can find the both process below, just go through the steps and install kodi iOS 9 successfully on your device.

download and install kodi ios 9 10 9.1 9.2

Install Kodi iOS 9.3/9.2/9.1 On Jailbroken Devices:

(1) Go to cydia.

Kodi iOS

(2) Tap on the cydia icon that can be seen in the home screen. And click on add source and type in this : http://mirrors.kodi.tv/apt/ios/

Kodi 1

(3) Tap on the team kodi app that can be seen once the source is added.

Kodi 3

(4) Once downloaded, tap on all packages and then tap on Kodi-iOS.

Kodi 4

(5) Once you click, tap on install and then confirm. You’re good to go!

Kodi 5


Install Kodi iOS 9 On Non-Jailbroken devices:

For the installation of the Kodi for iOS for the non jailbroken devices, install vShare app for iOS 9 to proceed.

For the installation steps for vShare : vShare for iOS

Basically, vShare is an app that allows the users to download any paid or premium app for free using vShare. vShare for iOS almost does the same as the jailbroken device without any risk.

So, of you are using any iOS device like iPhone or iPad, vShare is the right app that hooks you up to the other side. Using vShare, there’s nothing paid. Everything’s free.

Installing Kodi for iOS or XBMC for iOS isn’t a big deal. Just follow the simple four steps given below.

(1) Go to vShare app

(2) Click on search

(3) Search for Kodi or XBMC or Play on KODI

(4) If not, tap on the link to download : Kodi for iOS 9

That’s it you’re good to go!

Best Kodi addons 2016 – Download Best Kodi Addons On Your Device:

(1) Dragon Streams:

Dragon stream is one of the best streaming addon for Kodi or XBMC. This kodi addon 2016 contains various links to various streams.

(2)Zeus video:

Zeus video kodi addon 2016 is an addon that allows you to watch free movies, live sports, international channels, movies, TV shows, Kids cartoon and more.


USTVNOW is kodi addon which allows you to get all the channels that you get in the cable.

Conclusion:Basically this app can do anything. Watch movies, play games, watch online streams or what ever you can think of. This app is available for almost every platform and one interesting feature is that this app can be connected to your PC or Laptop with Kodi or XBMC installed in it to share content remotely. Other than that, this is a nicely designed app which can be customized. And the theme can be changed according to whatever you want. With the open source system, everything is possible!



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