iOS 10 Beta 1 Download & iOS 10 Wallpaper Download For iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch

iOS 10 Download: World Wide developers’ conference (WWDC) 2016 announcements have given extreme excitements to all apple device users more than anything else. Good days are assured for all iphone, ipad and ipod users. I am sure you must be having the hint by now. Your happiness is now going to exist because apple has formally broadcasted and displayed the very first glimpse of ios 10. Yes! You have heard it right. Apple has now finally unveiled the much talked about ios10. Those who are registered on apple developers program can now easily download the latest version of ios beta for their compatible devices right away. Apple also announced Macos Sierra,  tvOS 10 on WWDC 2016, you can download tvOS 10 Apple TV now.

Ios is the replica of apple’s future dreams. Moreover it is a chance for the company to drop ship a major breakthrough innovation rather than those minor updates from time to time. Over the upcoming week, efforts will be made to make ios 10 ready for public utilization. This will basically involve the multiple pre release versions of this platform which will be ultimately available to registered testers and developers

ios 10 download ipsw files for free

iOS 10 Beta 1 Download & iOS 10 Wallpaper Download For iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch:

Ios 10 beta is now available for iphone 6s, 6s plus, 6 plus, se, 5c, 5s, ipad 4 and + and ipod touch 6th gen. Here is the procedure that you need to know for ios 10 download. Follow the following steps mentioned below:

  1. First of all register yourself at apple developer program https://developer.apple.com/programs/.
  1. Now login to the developers section using your apple id and password

use your apple id and password to login to apple developers section to access iOS 10 download


  1. Now you will need to register the unique device identifier (UDID) with apple you will like to install the beta upon. If you do not know your UDID then you just need to connect your device into itunes, select it and click on the serial number so that it shows your UDID like in the image shown below. Copy the UDID now.

regester with UDID to install the iOS 10 beta version on your iphone ipad and ipod touch

  1. Spot the main account section in the page. Then click on certificates, identifiers and profiles.

click on certificates identifiers and profiles option


  1. Once you reach the devices section, select ‘all’ from all of the options

select ALL option to procedd to download ios 10 beta 1 version on iphone ipad and ipod touch

  1. In the right hand panel you can see a “+” button. Click on it and add the UDID of your device on it along with your name.

regester with UDID to install the iOS 10 beta version on your iphone ipad and ipod touch


  1. Once you are done with adding UDID, move to download section through resources – ios – download section. Now simply select your own device from the list so that you can download the needed itunes restorable ios10 beta file.

download the needed itunes restorable ios10 beta file


On the other hand you can also install ios 10 using OTA method. For that open the download page directly on your device, click on download that is placed under ios10 beta and then just let it install itself. Once it is done with setting the profile, go to general – settings – software update and wait for ios 10 beta OTA notification. Then simply tap on download and install to make the new firmware version available for you.

thats alll now your iphone ipad or ipod touch is updated to ios 10 beta 1 version successfully without any errors

Pics Credit – Redmondpie

  1. Once the firmware file has been installed, effortlessly extract the zip file to get .ipsw file for installation purposes.


  1. Before you proceed with restoration, do check that you already have iTunes on your device. If not then simply add it to your device. Then simply launch itunes and connect your ios device to the computer or system.


  1. Now to install the beta, mac users will need to hold the alt key while windows users will need to hold shift key and then simply click on restore iphone button. Select ios 10 beta file that you downloaded prior to all these steps.


  1. Now just wait a bit for the ios 10 beta to get downloaded on your device. Be a little patience because it might sometimes take a lot of time depending on the speed of your connection. After all patience bears sweet fruits.

iOS 10 wallpaper Download | iOS 10 Wallpaper For iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch And Mac:

Appealing clothes is a way of making yourself shine amongst the crowd and so is the wallpaper needed to make you fall in love with your devices a little bit more each day. Now you can easily download ios10 wallpapers to make your devices even more pretty. iOS 10 includes a whole range of new features like universal clipboard, auto unlock and siri on your desktop. And here are some wallpapers to suit those updates in your devices.

iOS 10 Wallpaper For Iphone:

iOS 10 wallpaper and backgrounds for iphone ipad ipod touch devices

iOS 10 Wallpaper For Ipad:

download the ios 10 wallpaper for iphone ipad and ipod touch - download ios 10 background for free

iOS 10 Wallpaper For Mac

download ios 10 wallpaper for mac laptop


So this was all about ios 10 download and ios 10 wallpapers download. Hope it helped you! Happy ios 10ing!


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