iEnchantify [Pokemon Go hack for iOS (iPhone/iPad)] | No jailbreaking | iEnchanify Best Cydia Alternative

iEnchantify 5.0 App: Pokemon Go is the most popular game right now. It became quite a sensation right after the release. But it’s launched only for US, Australia, and New Zealand.

So, you have to wait for the official news if you are from another country. But there’s a way to play Pokemon Go from your home without waiting any longer. But how are you going to do it?

You can take advantage of the hacked version by using iEnchantify App. Just keep reading to get more information about this app. Without further ado let’s find out how to download and install Pokemon Go via iEnchantify App for iOS (iPhone/iPad).

iEnchantify 5.0 download the best cydia alternative

Download Happy Chick Emulator if you want to play games on different iOS devices (such as iPhone/iPad) without going through jailbreaking technique.

You may not hear about iEnchantify app yet. No problem. Is it better than Cydia? Let’s jump inside to read all about it. Ready?

Download And Install iEnchantify For iOS (iPhone/iPad):

You must have heard about Cydia. But it isn’t well-known among iOS users until it hacked Pokemon Go successfully to make a name for itself.

  • Download iEnchantify from the following link. [Download URL: http://www.iosem.us]
  • Find your downloaded folder and begin installation on your iOS device at once.
  • Can you see button with Apple logo? Click on it to begin downloading.
  • Before commencing iOSEmus, navigate to Settings – General – Profiles.
  • Now open iOSEmus app and search for iEnchantify in it.
  • You’ll see the app on the search results.
  • Enable trust from Settings – General – Profiles like you did before after installing iEnchantify.

But How Are You Going To Hack Pokemon Go Hack By Using iEnchantify App?

  • You can either browse Pokemon Go within the app or you can download from this following link.


use iEnchantify to download pokemon go where pokemon go is not released yet

  • You must access to above URL from your iPad or iPhone only.

Hit the install button and wait for a while till it completes installation.  You’ll get a prompt to allow this game on your device.  Click install button once more for confirmation.

Attention: It might not work for some of you. It crashes sometime also. Don’t worry as iEnchantify is trying to solve this problem. So, you won’t this kind of issue anymore. Just wait for the next version to see major updates. Kindly be patient till then.

Final Thoughts On iEnchantify iOS App:

I have told you pretty much everything you need to know for hacking Pokemon go via iEnchantify app on iOS (iPad/iPhone). If you are having any trouble to download or install this app, drop a comment or contact us. We’ll do our best to help you.


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