Guopan Pokemon GO iOS Hack |Guopan Apk For Android/iOS/PC

Guopan App: Pokemon became crazily popular right after the release within a short span of time. People are going insane about this game from all over the world. But you have to move from one place to another to catch Pokemon. That’s how it works. Yeah! You know about that already. But what if you can play this game lying on your bed? Are you interested now?

Oh yeah! You heard it correct. Guopan is an app to hack Pokemon Go; it lets you catch Pokemon without even living your room. It sounds amusing. What do you think?

guopan apk for android is the best pokemon go hack

You are about to learn how to download Guopan Pokemon go on iOS and Android. It is really simple as you need to install this app and start playing without moving at all. Let’s find out how to download and install Guopan on iOS and Android. Are you ready to learn? Let’s go.

What Is Guopan Pokemon Go? (Guopan English Version):

Guopan lets Pokemon Go gamers to play it without even moving an inch. It is the latest hack for iOS users at present. You can utilize Pokemon Go joystick on your iOS device. It seems to work fine according to numerous users results.

How To Download Guopan Pokemon Go iOS App | Guopan Pokemon App For iPhone/iPad:

I already mentioned that it is very easy to use. Just follow this step by step information to use Guopan app to play Pokemon Go.

  • Go to this link [http://www.guopan.cn/Pokemon] and download it, at first.
  • Follow the green button on the screen.  You will see a prompt to install Guopan for Pokemon Go. Just wait till it finishes the installation.
  • Enable trust option from Setting – General – Profile/Device Management option on your device
  • Open Pokemon GO from installed apps list and Sign in with your Google or PTC account info.
  • Now, you can play this game without walking anywhere else.

Guopan Pokemon Go APK | Download Guopan Pokemon Go Apk For Android:

Guopan app is available on both iOS and Android. I’ve posted download link at below. So, you can enjoy Guopan app features on your smartphone or tablet as well.

Well, yes so this was the effective guide on Guopan Pokemon Go hack for iOS and the Guopan Pokemon Go Android APK download.

You can access other premium games and apps from here as well.  Click the following link to download the file.

Download Guopan APK: http://www.guopan.cn/dede/appload.php?pt=android&type=101&special=Pokemon

Final Thoughts On Guopan:

Guopan app is the best solution for both iOS and Android to play Pokemon Go while sitting on your chair at ease.

If you have any question or doubts about Guopan iOS hack or Guopan Android APK, feel free to drop a comment below. You can contact us too if you prefer. Did you find it awesome? Would you help us by sharing this article with your friends then?



  1. I’ve downloaded it however I can’t collect anything from pokestops or catch any Pokemon. Kind of a waste of my time downloading the app

  2. Why does my app crash directly after I log in? I have uninstalled n reinstalled it 3 times and it still doesn’t work. (iOS) p.s it works fine on my other device

  3. Is there any way to change the language to English? And if so, how? Also, how do I set a home location?

  4. I’ve downloaded it however I can’t collect anything from pokestops or catch any Pokemon.

  5. Hi, may I find out if the guopan app still works after the current upgrade? If it doesn’t then would the developer upgrade the app? Thanks

  6. To answer a couple questions above:

    1. Can’t get anything from pokestops – when you launch the app it defaults to showing your GPS in San Francisco, California (USA). Unless you are there physically you will go into GPS soft ban and won’t be able to get anything or catch anything for 2-3 hours. Close the app and wait. Walking however DOES add up km for your buddy and eggs though.

    2. Speedlocking does still happen so you need to pay attention to that.

    3. The locations in the menu (under the button that looks like a rocket) are: 1. San Francisco, 2. & 3. Tokyo, 4. London and 5. Sydney. The last one (6.) is your current GPS location.

    Be careful going to multiple sites in a day because that’s how you get caught. Think about the time it would take you to take a direct flight to one of these places and plan your jumps accordingly.

    Happy catching

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