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Download Mp3 Free Music: Everybody loves music; it will be too hard to find a person who doesn’t like listening to music. As the technology has evolved with time, since the time of record players, tape recorders, disc man then came the time of the real technology. iPod and similar MP3 players took the place of older music players. Still free music and mp3 download weren’t available at the time.

Today, the smartphone can do wonders; it also has replaced almost every other music player because of its portability. Smartphones because of the introduction of apps are being able to download, stream and manage the music files all by themselves. Everybody in today’s time owns a smartphone, and almost 80-90% of them use it as their primary device for listening to music.

free music download sites apps for iphone and android apps 2016


MP3 and other music media files can be easily copied to your phone’s memory, and you can enjoy your favourite music on your smartphone. But, what if, you don’t have a PC right next to you? Or you don’t even own one? (Because you smartphone can do all the things a PC can). Well in that case here are the websites and apps from which free Music and MP3 music download can take place on your phone only.

Websites for Free Music Download | Mp3 Music Download Websites:

There are plenty of websites which you can find by simply searching Google. But the major problem with these websites is that they sometimes don’t host any music files and instead gives you malware, viruses, and adverts. Here is our list of the best websites for free Music and Mp3 download.

  1. Free Music Archive (freemusicarchive.org)

Back in the year 2009 a New-Jersey based radio channel called as WMFU made this store where they not only stored the music themselves but also lets the users upload their media also.

free music archive to download free mp3 music songs

It, later on, became a huge library of all sorts of music. People can enjoy downloading mp3 music files for free. In addition to music, you can also listen to the latest podcasts from the studios of KEXP radio.

  1. NoiseTrade (noisetrade.com)

NoiseTrade has a clean and simple layout and is straightforward. It is both a free music download platform for users and a promotional website for artists. Users are allowed to download free music from NoiseTrade by signing up which uses their email address and postal code. This site also asks you to donate $5 to your favourite artists.

download free music from noisetrade

  1. Jamendo (www.jamendo.com/en/)

It is one of the largest free music sites. You won’t be able to find the latest songs from the newcomers and today’s popular singers. But, it is having a database of around 400,000 songs from almost 40,000 singers it’s pretty easy to find free music that suits your tastes.

get free music mp3 music from jamendo music website

It also streams free content from over 21 radio stations. The search and popularity tools help you to find your kind of music. Also, if you are a musician, then Jamendo is a place where you can showcase your work and even get paid. And there is also a paid version of Jamendo for creative types.


  1. Soundowl (soundowl.com/)

As claimed by Soundowl, they’ve a database of over 300,000 songs which you can download for free. You also get an option to upload your music but be sure that it comply with the strong DMCA policy of the website.

The Soundowl website is minimalistic and straightforward which only focusses on searching you favorite track.

download free music songs from soundowl music site

  1. SoundCloud (soundcloud.com)

It is more of a repository, songs here are uploaded by both listeners and the singers or artists. Many of the tunes and songs are free while there is a portion of paid songs also which SoundCloud hosts.

There are also iOS and Android app for this websites so that you can download and listen to music from SoundCloud on your smartphone. You may also find the latest music from popular artists too.

soundcloud music website is the best website to downlod free mp3 music

Smartphone based applications for free music and MP3 download:

Apart from the websites from where you can download free music, in today’s word as ‘we have an app for everything’ so why not for downloading music? Yes, there are several applications available both on the Android’s Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store from where you can directly download you favourite music onto your device directly.

 iOS Apps For Free Music Download | MP3 Music Download Apps For iPhone:


  1. Spotify (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/spotify-music/id324684580?mt=8&uo=8&at=10lsV2)

Well, Spotify is a well know service which streams music onto your smartphones. It has a huge library of music from all genres, and artists. You can use the search feature of the app to stream the music onto your phone.

Technically you are not allowed to ‘download’ the songs, but you are given with a feature by which you can save the track for offline playback.

download free mp3 songs on iphone using spotify ios app

  1. Free Mp3Box (http://www.freemake.com/free_musicbox_iphone/)

Free Mp3Box is yet another free music streaming app by which you can stream the music, but you still not have the functionality to download music because of copyrights issue. You get the music suggestions based on your YouTube search results. You can also set a group of music as your favourite so that you’ll be able to access it later easily.

Live radio is another great service that Free Mp3Box offers.

 use mp3box on iphone to download free mp3 music songs on iphone ipad ios devices

  1. Google Play Music (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/google-play-music/id691797987?mt=8&uo=8&at=10lsV2)

Yes, an app intended to work only on Android work systems have been introduced for iPhone. Google Play Music like Apple Music helps you to manage your music library on your phone.

download free music on iphone using google play music

Well, you need to purchase a subscription for $1.99/month to save the music songs on your phone and can play later when the phone is in offline mode. Else what you get in the free version is, you can stream all the music, but it needs an internet connection to do so.


  1. Amazon Prime Music (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/amazon-music-with-prime-music/id510855668?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D8)

As the name indicates it is an app from Amazon which lets you stream music on your iPhone. You can stream as many songs you can and even save them for offline playback for later use.

You can go ahead with getting a yearly subscription or else you can use the trial version for 30 days. Give this app a try.

amazon prime is another best app for iphone to download free music

  1. Groove (https://itunes.apple.com/app/microsoft-groove/id669515221?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D8)

The groove is yet another multi-platform app developed by Microsoft. Groove lets you stream around from 40 million songs from its library. You get a free trial period of 30 days in which you can decide whether you are going to pay $9.99/month to continue this service.

You can also download the tracks on your iPhone for offline playback.

get free music songs mp3 on iphone ipad using groove ios app available for free on itunes

 Android Apps For Free Music Download | Mp3 Music Download Apps For Android Mobiles:


  1. Free Mp3 Downloads (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=bestSoftRocket.freeMp3Downloads)

Free Mp3 Download provides you access to thousands of song download which are labelled with free to use license. You might not find songs with copyrights and other restrictions. Simply search for the song and then hit the download button, the song will be downloaded to your device.

From the listen tab you’ll be able to retrieve all the downloaded songs for playback.

use free mp3 download music app to download free music on android devices

  1. Simple Mp3 Downloader (http://simple-mp3-downloader.en.softonic.com/android)

Simple Mp3 Downloader is yet another powerful Mp3 downloading app by which you can search for various genres, artists, and albums. You can also download the songs onto your device and then can play it back via going into ‘downloads’ menu of the app.

The app is minimalistic, and the controls are self-explanatory.

simple mp3 downloader is another best mp3 music downloder for android

  1. Free music and mp3 music download by CopyLeft (http://music-mp3-download-free-copyleft.en.uptodown.com/android)

CopyLeft is amongst one of the best music downloading apps for Android. CopyLeft lets you search for a lot of songs, and you can stream them for free.

Though it only shows you the songs which comply with their CopyLeft Creative Common License.

download Free music and mp3 music download by CopyLeft android app

  1. Mp3 Download Player:

This app allows you to search via genres and artist details from their library. It is a simple app which is ad supported, and you can listen to the preview of the song before downloading.

The app as of now has been removed from the Google Play Store, but you can download it and sideload it to your phone. Mp3 download player lets you save all the downloaded songs in .mp3 format in your phone’s library.


  1. SuperCloud Song Mp3 Downloader (http://supercloud-song-mp3downloader.en.uptodown.com/android)

SuperCloud Song Mp3 Music Downloader enables you to both stream and download music files from their library. It is a powerful app which helps you get rich content at great speeds. Users can also listen to music on the go while they are connected to the internet due to its flawless music streaming feature.

supercloud mp3 downloder for to download free music mp3 songs on android

So these were some of our top pick for free music and Mp3 music download. We’ve covered websites, apps for both Android and iOS. Though there are restrictions in sharing the music for free, as this is considered in piracy.

We aren’t piracy in any sense; we recommend you to purchase your music from the respective sellers if you want to keep them for odd line playing. Because these above-mentioned websites and apps might disappoint you as latest and copyright music won’t be available on them.


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