Fixes For Pokemon Go Errors |Pokemon Go Server Errors & Battery Drain Crashes

Pokemon go errors: Pokemon go has astoundingly taken the world by gale. The pace at which earned reputation can be matched by none and the love that it has received it is well worth it all.

But one of the things that has equally been at pace like the popularity of Pokemon go is the frequency of server errors that Pokemon go players are facing. Sometimes the Pokemon go server errors drive Pokemon  players really wild.

Here are certain pokemon go server errors and the ways to face them well:

here, we listed some of major errors occurring when playing this wonderful game on iPhone and Android. Go through the below things to play Pokemon go Without any errors and crashes.

Pokemon go consumes a lot of battery:

Whenever there is a Pokemon in your vicinity, you get aware and sometimes these notifications can prove fatal to the functioning of your battery. If you want to rescue your battery from this awful situation then you can turn on the battery saver mode.

When the settings pane is tapped, you will find an option named battery saver. What it does is that it automatically lessens the unnecessary brightness of your screen. Although you will still get notifications regarding pokemons standing nearby but you won’t be forced to check the box or map until and unless you wish to do so and lift the screen to do so.

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pokemon go setting - music sound effects vibration and batter saver- check battery saver and vibration to save the battery

Why to turn off the AR mode?

Pokemon go guarantees augmented reality. And for that it needs the AR mode to be turned on always. And AR mode demands the camera to be turned on always as soon as the smell of the Pokemon is sensed. It really puts a lot of pressure on the battery so it is advisable to turn off the AR mode for the well being of your phone’s your battery.

What is the need for battery case?

It is always advisable to have a battery case for your batteries to prevent the risk of exploding batteries while catching Pokemon at public places.

How to deal with Pokemon go crashes:

Sometimes your game gets stuck and there you are terribly confused if it is the game’s server or your poor net connection. Well you can spot that spinning ball at the top left corner. If your graphics get jammed but the poke ball goes on spinning then likelihood is there that the game is trying back to the main server. But if in case both of them are functional but your buttons are not working then it indicates loss of connectivity to the server and requirement of reboot.

Now here is the way to fight this deadly irritating problem.

  1. Navigate back to your home screen
  2. Open any other application for a few minutes and use it.
  3. Then turn on the multi tasking bar with the aid of your home screen buttons
  4. Tap on the pokemon go card in order to get entered into the app once again

If all the luck is in your favor then you will get to see loading gyarados on your screen and you will return back to the battling grounds.

God’s grace is required to have a fixable crash. But if gods forbid you get to have a crash that is irreparable then follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Go back to your main home screen
  2. Again unfasten the multi tasking screen
  3. Swipe the Pokemon go card in order to exit the app
  4. Then restart this Pokemon go app
  5. Then all you need to do is to go to the Pokemon go bug report page and bring your complaint to the notice of Niantic.

Pokemon go server errors: Pokemon go server hacked:
pokemon go errors - pokemon go hacked in us and it's not available now

On Saturday, Pokemon go was offline in US as outage hit the fortunes of Pokemongo. A hacking group alleged that this outage was their brain child. The anonymous representative also said that they would stop hacking the game only on once condition and that is that any one of the Niantic officials should talk to them so that they could teach them the ABCs of protection of servers. But now the game is online, order has been restored and mass hysteria has been avoided.


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