[*Solved] Pokemon Go Cannot Detect Camera Orientation/AR Mode

Pokemon go cannot detect camera orientation/AR Mode: Today all of the people have just one word on their tongues and that is Pokemon go. It is quite beautiful to see that within few days this game has reached the pinnacle of popularity. The love that it received cannot be compared to anything else. It initiated its journey with a massive number of users and they are still counting!

It has certain features that are quite unique or not even if unique but they are capable of stimulating people’s adrenaline. But true is the fact that good and bad are two faces of the same coin. It had certain shortcomings too. One of them was that Pokemon go cannot detect camera or orientation.

How To Resolve The Problem Of Pokemon Go Cannot Detect Camera Or Orientation/AR Mode:

For android users: Android users will get a notification like We are not detecting your Android orientation Would you like to turn on Off AR more?.

We are not detecting your Android orientation Would you like to turn on Off AR more

Reason for this is because of Your phone may not be equipped with gyroscope sensors. It is a sensor that is used in combinations with accelero meter and ascertains angular revolving velocity. If it is present there then it is quite normal four your AR mode to dysfunction. You can install a sensor box app in your phones and ensure if your device is having gyroscope sensor or not.

Ios users who are working on ios 10 beta 2 are encountering the same problems. For such users, down gradation to other ios versions is the only key to happiness.

You must have observed that as soon as your camera or ar mode gets turned on you are not able to see the Pokemon anymore. This shortcoming hinders the feature of Pokemon go to provide with amplified reality.

So what should be done when Pokemon go cannot detect camera or orientation. As of now you are advised to play it while keeping your cameras turned off. Many users having old phones that lack gyroscope sensors are complaining that their Pokemon go cannot detect camera or orientation. People with new phones equipped with faulty gyroscopes are reporting the same errors.Now you can also download and Pokemon Go For Android and  Pokemon go for Windows/Mac PC.

This solution is expected to be in function with the aid of the updates of Niantic. Though Niantic and Pokemon has not said anything about it public-ally yet but the discomfort of people because of the fact that Pokemon go cannot detect camera or orientation is becoming quite obvious. Thereby updates are expected from them to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

So these were a few steps to solve the problem of Pokemon go cannot detect camera orientation. These are some temporary solutions. Permanent is yet to come. But till then instead of waiting you can try these to enhance your Pokemon go experience!



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