Download MSQRD For iPhone 7, 6 And 6S Plus | Install MSQRD On iOS 10/9.4/9.3.2

MSQRD for iPhone: Do you really love glancing through pictures and videos? But more than that do you enjoy playing around with videos and images by giving them a funny appeal? Then here is the perfect application for you. The application is lovingly called MSQRD (Masquerade app).

This is one such app that has set the market on fire. No wonder that within a few days of its launch it was downloaded by over million users worldwide. This app lets you apply amazing number of masks on your face and this is the reason why this app is known as masquerade app.

msqrd for iphone - download msqrd on ios 10 9 4 3 ipad devices

MSQRD app lets you download and create a wide variety of expressions out of your face. It completely transforms your facial appearance into a funny yet adorable one. Love for self is something intriguing and this app lets you love different colours of your style. You can create n number of zombie portraits by simply using just one button and the best part is that you can easily send them or upload them on social media apps or websites respectively.

Fascinating Features Of MSQRD For iPhone:

MSQRD for iphone comes with really amazing features. Some of them are here listed below.

  1. It has a vibrant compilation of celebrity mask

change the way you look in a one click by using msqrd on iphone

  1. 3d tech for accurate capture of facial expressions


  1. Engulfs innumerable emoticons and stickers


  1. Lets you record videos of about 30 seconds


  1. It is compatible with various platforms and devices


  1. You can send your edited images or videos to various social media platforms with the help of just one share button


  1. Helps you create endearingly funny videos


  1. Can alter the appearance of your eyes

Steps To Download MSQRD For iPhone| Install MSQRD On iOS:

  1. Open you iphone and simply take the helm to iTunes.


  1. Then register for an iTunes account or simply log in if you already possess one.


  1. Now type MSQRD in search bar and then look for it in the store.


  1. Once you find it, tap on install and give your consent to the terms and conditions.


  1. Wait a bit so that the download procedure gets completed wholly.


  1. Now you can spot the icon of MSQRD app in your iphones.


  1. Simply open the application and start having fun

download msqrd for iphone install msqrd on iphone ios ipad devaices

This application is pedestal upon facial expressions and it makes use of numerous lenses to swap images. It has an inbuilt cam function to click a picture and then make a portrait out of it. It has a huge library of cute emoticons and dashing mask filters from which you can choose desired ones to apply on the image of your faces. You can even alter your looks into that of animals like tigers, chimpanzees etc.

This app is surely a must try app for all animal lovers out there. And the best part is this app doesn’t confine your experiments to pictures, you can also record videos, give a tinge of fun to them and then send them to your friends and share your happiness with them.

So this was all about MSQRD for iphone. All you need to do is follow the above mentioned steps. It won’t take much efforts and time. Although the entertainment that this application provides, is worth all the colossal efforts.  But do not worry because downloading and installing it is fairly an easy process.

So what are you guys waiting for? Download MSQRD for iphone, create funny images and pics, share them with your friends and be the new “King/Queen of cool” of your group! Happy MSQRDing!


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