Download Kodi For iOS 10 On iPhone/iPad Without Jail breaking | Install Kodi iOS 10

Kodi For ios 10: If you are an entertainment lover then all you need is this amazing app called Kodi. Kodi is an honour endearing and free open source application. It is an amazing podium for media files like videos, games, songs etc.  Kodi is an app that is compatible with various platforms like os, Linux, windows, ios and android as well. Not just these, it is also compatible to be accessed with television and remote controls. It aids and abets users to view videos, podcasts or other digital media files. Surprisingly these files can be accessed from local storage networks or the internet itself.

You should make a note of the point that kodi has no content of its own. This in turn means that content should be accessed from local or remote storage locations. Watching or listening of pirated or illegal content, which would otherwise necessitate to be paid for, is not allowed to be viewed or heard on kodi. More over kodi allows you to download third party plug-in(s) that help you to access the data that is freely available over the web.

Install Kodi On iOS 10| Download Kodi For iOS 10/10.1/10.2/10.3/10.4/5 Running On iPhone/iPad/iOS Devices:

The most wonderful thing about kodi for ios 10 is that it can be installed on both jail broken and non jail broken devices. For those of you don’t know about jail breaking, jail breaking is the process of steering clear of restrictions imposed by apple on certain app downloads. Following are the steps to get kodi for ios 10 on both jail broken and non jail broken devices.

Process for installing kodi for ios 10 on jail broken devices

  1. Open you ios 10 device and then navigate to Cydia

open cydia in your iphone to download kodi for ios 10 1 2 3 4 5 on iphone ipad

  1. Thereafter you need to tap on the icon of Cydia. Tap on add source and then type this into the space provided: http://mirrors.kodi.tv/apt/ios/

add kodi source in cydia to download kodi for ios 10 on iphone and ipad


  1. Tap on the option named as team kodi app. It will get visible once you are done with adding the source

click on the team kodi app


  1. Then you need to tap on all packages and then tap on kodi ios.


click on kodi ios icon to download kodi ios 10 on iphone

  1. Then you will be prompted to install. Tap on install and then on the confirm option

click on instal kodi ios 10 for iphone ipad option


  1. That’s all! Now you have this beautiful app in your device. You can access it by tapping on its icon there in the home screen. Open this app whenever you want to and enjoy the picturesque glimpse of the media world.


Process For Downloading kodi For ios 10 On Non Jail broken Devices| Download Kodi For iOS 10 On iPhone Without Jailbreak:

You can also install kodi on ios 10 devices that are not jail broken. But keep in mind that for this you will need to download Vshare app on your ios device. Follow the following steps to get kodi installed on your ios 10 devices:

  1. Open your ios device. Open Vshare app

open vshare app to download kodi for ios 10 on iphone ipad


  1. Tap on search

search for kodi in vshare app to download kodi for ios 10


  1. Look for kodi in the search bar
  1. Then as soon as you find the app, tap on it and then install it. Once you are done with installing it, tap on the kodi icon on your home screen in order to launch the app. There you go

successfully installed kodi ios 10 on iphone

So this was all about kodi for ios 10 and installing kodi ios 10. We saw how to get kodi ios 10 both for jail broken and non jail broken devices. I hope the article gratified all your queries well. So go ahead with downloading and installing kodi and have a great time.



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