Download Hipstore For iOS 10 And 10.1/10.2/10.3/10.4 Install Without Jailbreak!

Hipstore For ios 10: All the tech freaks out there must be aware of the enticing chills that the name of the Hipstore gives to them. There are no two way thoughts about the fact that Hipstore is the most preferred and perfect alternative to get apple games and apps for free.

Hipstore is giving a real hard competition to some established names like kuayiong, zeusmos, Installous and Vshare. One more advantage that Hipstore bring in its wake is that other apps are confined to Chinese domain as they are available only in Chinese while Hip store’s availability exists in languages that are used worldwide. In Hipstore you always have the option to change the language to English, and we will reveal later how to do that.

download hipstore for ios 10 iphone ipad without jailbraking

Features Of Hipstore For iOS 10:

  • Vivid and vivacious collection of apps
  • Apps can be downloaded without jail breaking your devices
  • Need not install Cydia to download apps
  • Apps that are not available even in iTunes, can be found here

Process For Installing Hipstore For iOS 10 (iPhone/iPad) And 10.1/10.2/10.3/10.4 Install Without Jailbreak!:

If you are a tech savvy who has immense love for newest games and apps in his/ her heart then don’t resist your fingers. Follow the easy steps mentioned below to get Hipstore ios 10. You can bank upon the following steps to get Hipstore downloaded in your ios 10 devices without any sort of  errors.

  1. Open your ios device. Open the safari browser and type this address into the address bar: http://www.iosemulatorspot.com/cydia-alternatives.html
  1. Tap the install button that you can spot just beneath the IOSEmus icon. This will abet us to download Hipstore in our desired way.

install iosemus on ios to download hipstore for ios 10 1 2 3 4 5 iphone ipad without jailbreaking


  1. When you get to see the install profile page on your screen, tap on the install option situated in the top most right corner.

click on install option to installiosemus on ios 10 to download hipstore ios 10


  1. Tap the install option at the bottom of the page


  1. Tap on the button that says “Done”


  1. Go back to the main home screen of your device


  1. Open the IOSEmus app


  1. Scroll down and stop as soon as you locate the Hipstore app


  1. You will get to see a prompt box with the heading Hipstore signed installation. Tap on the install option in that prompt box

click on install to install hipstore for ios 10 iphone ipad devices


  1. Once again tap on install option
  1. Now the app will get installed. Once the installation process is done, you will get to see the Hipstore icon on your home screen. Tap on that icon to launch the app. There you go! Now you can use Hipstore on your devices as you want.

Steps To Change Hipstore For iOS 10 Language To English | Hipstore English Version:

  1. Tap the icon of menu situated in the top left corner. You will get to see an option named cai dat. Tap on that

just tap here to chage the launge to english in hipstore ios app


  1. Then tap on the option named “Ngon ngu”

select this option to change the languge to english in hipstore ios 10 app


  1. Open the sub menu in the first option and choose the option named “English”. That’s all. Now you can surf your beloved Hipstore in English language!

english language is activated on your hipstore app


So this was all about Hipstore ios 10 and installing Hipstore For ios 10. Follow the aforementioned steps to download Hipstore and use it in English language if you are not ok with the default language. Once you will have Hipstore in your hand, you will have the stunning world of apps in your hand. The world that cannot fail to spellbound anyone.


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