AppAddict For iOS 9.4/9.3/9.1/9.2 Install With & Without Jailbreak Methods

AppAddict App For iOS: If you have an iOS based device, then you must’ve come across some terms like, Jailbreaking, Cydia, Repositories and cracked apps. We all know that Apple hosts the applications compatible with the iOS devices on its app market called the app store.

Apple’s app store not only have free apps but it also has the paid apps. Sometimes we don’t want to waste out precious money on the paid app, or we want to try the app before paying for it. For such purposes, there are several third-party app stores available on the web for iOS devices.

install appaddict on ios to download paid app for free on iphone


AppAddict is so far the best third-party app store since the downfall of Installous like applications. Now the question arises, ‘how can you download AppAddict on your iOS device?’

There are two ways to go through the procedure. You can install it on your Jailbroken iOS device via Cydia, or you can also install it on your non-Jailbroken device.

Download & Install AppAddict For iOS 9.4/9.3/9.1/9.2/8.4 Install With Jailbreak Method: Install AppAddict On Jailbroken iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch:

If your device has already been jailbroken then you must be having Cydia app installed on your phone. Just fire up the Cydia app from the app drawer.

Alternatively, if you are planning to jailbreak your device then after you jailbreak you’ll be able to see the Cydia app in the app drawer. In both the cases, jut open the Cydia app and follow the steps.

Then go to ‘Sources’ and tap on the ‘Edit’ option and click on ‘Add’ when you see a popup after entering this repository http://appaddict.org/repo/.

enter cydia apt url to add source appaddict.org repo to download appaddict

This serves as the official AppAddict source. Now after the repository refreshes itself go to the search option and search for ‘AppAddict’ according to your iOS version.

appaddict+ repo source is added

Note that for iOS 9 and above you might also need to install ‘AppSync Unified’ to make App addict work properly.

How To Install AppAddict On Your Non-Jailbroken iOS Device – Install AppAddict On iOS 10 Withoud Jailbreaking:

You have to have Cydia installed on your iPhone or any other iDevice. For installing Cydia on your non-Jailbroken device, you must have some other third party apps installed like OpenAppMkt.

OpenAppMkt is a platform from where you can download the Cydia and install it onto your iPhone. After successful installation of the Cydia app. simply follow the instructions given above.

The instructions for installation of the Cydia app remains the same.

How To Use AppAddict App On Your iOS Device:

So, after you’ve successfully installed the AppAddict app on your iDevice you’ve to launch the app from the app drawer. The look and feel of AppAddict are same as that of the Apple’s official App Store. You get the options to search from the library, the app center, settings, and the main page are some other features this app provides.

appaddict on ios 10 9 4 3 2 1 iphone ipad devices

You can download the ‘Paid apps’ and ‘Free apps’ menu, note that the cracked apps which you’ll install from AppAddict will not receive updates from the App store. You’ve to manually install the updates via the ‘Updates’ section on App Addict app.

App Center enables you to see from the apps which you’ve downloaded and which are currently being installed on your device. This option will give you an advanced user control so that you can manage your apps easily.


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