Android N Wallpaper Download | Free Android N HD 1080P Wallpaper

Android N wallpaper: There are millions of people using different types of phones but the numbers of android users can’t be beaten.  Android N is the Google’s next gen operating system for smart phones and tablets that is the most developed and distinguished android os ever. So for all those who were planning to update their devices, android N has concealed a lot of surprises for you. The android N 3 developers preview is already available thought the official proclamations about the release date are yet to be made. But you need not let that smile go off your face because the launch is expected to get in action by this summer.

One of the most intriguing facts about the launch of android N was that Google was a bit reluctant to broadcast for android N at Google IO 2016 because it feels that greater the time developers get to use the developer’s preview version, the more they fiddle with it.

Android N Wallpaper Download | Free Android N HD 1080P Wallpaper:

Well for all those curious people out there who are craving to try out this new android N  Wallpaper as soon as possible and who are just not able  to control their adrenaline rush, you all must be equally excited to try out the wallpapers exclusively designed for android N to enhance the efficiency and look of your devices at the same time. Longing for updated software is one thing and yearning for wallpapers is another. While only a few possess the former, the latter doesn’t spare anyone because what pleases eyes, automatically pleases soul.

If you want enticing wallpaper for android N, you can simply download it from here. Till now only one wallpaper for android N is available and I am quite honoured to provide you with that. I know that as of now there is quite a discerning dearth of choices but am sure that with the advent of time, internet will be flooded with wallpapers for android N. And so what if there is only one wallpaper? For those who vie for perfection quality supersedes quantity!

Android N wallpaper 1080p download in hd for android

So this is the wallpaper available for android N. It is quite big with a resolution of 2880 x 2560 so that you do not face the ravages of blurred pixels. The wallpaper depicts such a serene scenic beauty.  It has the captivating power of soothing souls. It is quite amazing to see that how perfectly all the possible shades of pink and purple are blended together to produce such a masterpiece. And how beautifully this scene has different meanings secretly hidden inside its chambers. One might see it as early dawn while the other might perceive it as the post sunset scene. These dots in the sky can either be the starts or fireflies preparing themselves to make the night sky glow with their charm. You may see and perceive according to your whims and fancies, for this picture seems to have an endless horizon of interpretations.

So this was all about Android N wallpaper. You might wait for others to get uploaded. But I am sure that this wallpaper, which is already available will make your waiting process worriless.


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