How To Download And Install 25PP/PP25 On iOS 10 (iPhone/iPad) |25PP Appstore Is Best Alternative For vShare

Download 25PP For iOS: Where are you going to download an app for your iDevice? It must be from the official app store. But you can’t find every app on the app store. You won’t see any apps which infringe with iTunes submission guidelines or harmful for your iOS device.

Why should you use 25P?

25PP is a Chinese app store (vShare alternative) where you can find both free and paid apps which aren’t available on the app store. You have to jailbroke your iOS device to use this but not anymore. Also, no jailbreaking techniques are effective on the latest iOS version. That’s why you need to learn how to download 25PP without jailbreak.

get free apps on your iphone using 25pp appstore - 25pp is the best alternative to vshare appstore

How To Download And Install 25PP iPhone App Without Jailbreak?

You can do it with or without your computer. But I am going to tell you how to download 25PP without using your PC/laptop.

Just follow my step by step instruction for installing this app. Let’s start. It will be done within few minutes. So, sit tight.

  • At first, go to this link from your iOS device.
  • You will notice a Chinese text after opening above URL. You don’t need to know Chinese to understand Mandarin texts of this page. Look for a green button and click on it. It’s the download and install button.
  • Tap to allow installation process after few prompts on your device. Now, it will begin installation shortly. An icon will appear after successful installation. But you won’t be able to open the app yet.  Go to Settings – General – Profile (device management) and tick the developer Beijing Huifeng Xingye Technology Co. Ltd. to trust the developer.
  • Tap on the developer’s name and click red button to permit this app on your iOS.
  • You will be able to open 25PP now after taping on the icon.
    Did you get another prompt in Mandarin after clicking icon? Yes. Hit the blue icon and it will ask you for install certificate, click on install to complete certificate installation. Wait. It’s not over yet.

Go to your home screen and you will notice two 25PP icons now. Tap second one and press green button while it’s launching.  You will see a prompt to install another profile, click “Install” button to allow it.  You need to do the same thing one more time with a third profile and a third icon will be visible thereafter on your home menu.

That’s it. You can take a deep breath now. What? Browse your favorite apps and start downloading from 25PP store for free.


How To Install 25PP App On A Jailbroken Device? | Install 25PP AppStore On iPhone/iPad Devices:

I have told you already that you can have your own app store without jailbreaking on your device (Ex: 25PP). But if you have a device an iPhone or iPad jailbroken already, follow this step below to get it done without any issue:

  • Go to Cydia -> Sources -> Edit -> Add
  • Input this as source: http:/apt.25pp.com
  • Click Search and type 25PP. Installation process will start at once.

That’s it. Congrats! You can run 25PP App on your iOS device.

How To Install English Language On 25PP? | Download 25pp For iOS 10 (iPhone/iPad):

25P will be in the Chinese language by default. But you can change it to the English language on iOS 9.3 and later versions. Just follow my guide below to install 25PP in English. Okay.

  • Open Safari browser on your iOS device and browse 25PP.com. You can use browser built-in translator to transcribe into English from the browser. It’s very easy.
  • You will notice further information on the screen to download and install premium apps for free before thinking to buy.
  • If you jailbroken your device, start Cydia app and access apt.25PP.com and search for 25PP to install on your iDevice.

What’s next?  You can use 25PP in the English language. So, type your favorite app and click on the search results to proceed to the installation step.

Final Thoughts On 25PP App:

I agree that it’s not a typical installation like other iOS apps. But I have mentioned every bit of information for helping to you download and install 25PP on your iDevice.

You are finding it difficult due to Mandarin interface most likely. I am totally agreed with you. However, feel free to let us know if you are facing any problem to download and install 25PP with or without jailbreaking. Just drop a comment below so that I can help you.


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