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How to use BNSF emulator?  Click “start emulator” in the homepage to input your login credential and click okay after that. I like to show you about the latest BNSF emulator and its requirements, problems and solutions.

Minimum Requirements for Windows and Mac:-

  • Internet browser (with JAVA support)
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 or above, latest Mozilla or Google Chrome. You can use ‘safari browser’ if you are using Mac.
  • Virtual Java Machine (available on sun Microsystems)

bnsf emulator for android ios iphone

Let’s Discuss About The Most Common Problems & Solutions About BNSF Emulator:

Are you noticing “Burlington Northern Santa Fe Mainframe Emulation” without any changes?

Look for the recent changes on your machine. If it didn’t solve your problem, root your system, clear your memory and disk cache. Also, turn off BNSF emulator and reload your browser.

Are you getting redirected to login windows even after putting correct info?

It happens due to firewall sometimes otherwise open it from another source except bnsf.com/emu

What to do about “invalid token”??

You should check BNSF security to find your answer in this case.

I can see 2370 buttons only but where is the actual emulator?

Access BNSF Railway 3270 software icon and click maximize. It should be showing full-screen now.

Most Common Browser Problems & Solutions:

The best way to avoid any problems regarding any browser is updating to the latest version. You’re using one of these browsers (Chrome, Firefox and Safari) probably. Just update and you won’t have a single issue to run BNSF emulator.

Also, there are few more problems which I would like to mention below.


How did I get my special ID and password for my emulator?


You’ll obtain such information from your supervisor. It’s nothing like mainframe ID and password, though. You need to inform the Mainframe Web Team, if you’re unaware or forget your ID by any chance.


My BNSF emulator doesn’t accept my login info. What’s happening?

You can view everything after loading of applet. But if you can’t, it means that your ID or password changed. Do you get it now?

Where do I find PF key buttons that should be on the emulator?


Few monitors don’t display PF key buttons and some are unable display all data on the page. You should decrease the font size to see more data in the first place. But it won’t happen with the present monitor screen and sizes.


Why aren’t my settings getting saved after opening another mainframe emulator?


You need save ‘user settings’ from the file menu to keep the changes. It will store your data on your computer.


How to print my screen display from the emulator?

Go to file >> print and follow further instructions on the screen. It’s very easy.

How to restrict my emulator from freezing up and not accept input?


Try to reset BNSF emulator. There will be a button to restore the program.

Got a problem? you Need helpline

Dial toll-free no 1800-HELP649 or else 593-4357. You should contact them if you are looking for a solution about system outage not mainframe. You won’t get proper help about the Mainframe from here.

Call them for following errors:

“.OC://WebConnect server has disconnected client. As” and .PSC4”.

Prepare all necessary info to get a quick answer:

  1. Name
  2. Contact Phone Number
  3. Problem Description
  4. Error Messages
  5. ISP Name & Phone Number
  6. Name & Version of Your Internet Browser
  7. Computer/Device Operating System
  8. Date & Time Attempting to use the BNSF Mainframe Emulator


An app will be available on the store to utilize BNSF emulator and other similar application on Android and iPhone/iPad, and tablets with cloud browser, called “VirtualPC”. It has an affordable price and its gaining positive feedback from the web.

You Need To Follow Few Things After Installing BNSF Emulator On Android Or iPhone/iOS Devices:

  • Like BNSF on Facebook and follow on Twitter
  • Go to your browser and type www2.bnsf.com:8200
  • Press an icon where it indicates “3270”
  • Hit “plx.access.bnsf.com” at the bottom.


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