Find alot/highest Pokemons At These Pokestop Places | Awesome, Best And Funny/Cool Places To Find Poke Stops

Awesome and best and funny/cool Places to Find Poke Stops: Pokemon go has conquered the world in fury. Pokemon cartoons in its time ruled the hearts and now Pokemon go has replaced Pokemon cartoons. Be it adults or children or teenagers, nobody on this earth can resist the charm of Pokemon go. It is simply too inexorably inevitable, especially for the gaming freaks and Pokemon lovers.

No wonders that “Where to find awesome and best and funny/cool places to find poke stops?” is the red hot question of the present scenario. In this article I would reveal some really great and amazing places to find poke stops! So get ready to see lovely Pokemon going pop on amazing poke stop.

Awesome and best and funny cool Places to Find Poke Stops - catch a lot of pokemons at best places of pokestops

Things you need to know about awesome and best and funny/cool places to find poke stops

First of all let us look at what poke stops are. Poke stops are the places that let pokemon go players to look for pokemons. It could be any place like gardens, buildings, malls, spas, corridors, backyards etc. Now let us come to how to go about locating poke stops.

One thing you need to be very clear at is that you need to have your eye as eagle’s eye for a blue coloured marker over the map. If they are not in your vicinity then they will appear as floating cubes. Otherwise they automatically get turned into poke balls. If you will tap on the market then you will see the real picture of the place that the poke stop represents. Now, you can also download Pokemon go game for pc.

Poke stops are no less than places of wonder where you can find lot of great deals for your pokemons. Be it poke balls, potions, or an egg that hatches into Pokemon you can find them all over here. Remember the higher the level of the trainer, the most enticing surprises you will get.

One thing quite common among-st Pokemon go and ingress is that Pokemon go’s poke stops are also some sort of cultural land marks. This can engross things like famous fresco, paintings, eminent buildings, landmarks that occupy important place in the history and the list goes on.

Here are some types of awesome, best and funny/cool places to find poke stops where you’d certainly encounter specific types of Pokemons:

Cities, grasses, lakes, parks, university campuses, parking areas, suburbs etc are the area where you can find and catch normal type of Pokemon’s. If you love grass Pokemon’s then you should look for them near grasses. Places like parks or gardens are the best suited for this purpose. Grassland and the coastal climate is the best place to look for Pokemon’s with bug or poison type. It is common for one to find water Pokemon’s near ponds, river streams or appealing lakes.

highest pokestops at pokemon They are blue cubes floating in the Sky. Try going near Points of Interest in your area to find them (Schools, Hospitals, Parks)

The pokemon that love deserts are most likely to be found in a climate that is arid but surprisingly one can catch them at lakes, parks, suburbs or even at the beach. Water averse rock pokemons are most likely to be found in parking areas and fringes of the city. Electric and psychic pokemon will mostly be found near beaches. It is quite common to find ghost pokemons in parking lots at night. And near rivers you’d find dragon and ice pokemons.

With this I’d conclude my article about awesome and best and funny/cool places to find poke stops. I guess by now you have totally turned expert in deciding where to go for what sort of pokemon.


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